IH's Demo Doctor Program is Helping Us to Help You Help More Patients!

We are looking for ONE doctor in your area to be the Demo Site for one of the three revolutionary medical devices listed below. As one of our Demo Doctors, you would use our equipment to test and treat your patients, as well as patients referred to you by other physicians in your area. In addition to possibly gaining new patients for your practice, you could earn an extra $10,000 to $25,000 a month in ancillary income providing cutting-edge diagnostic testing or unique relief to suffering patients.

In addition to treatment and diagnostic testing revenue, we are willing to pay you up to $3,500 for each successful demo you perform. As a Demo Doctor, you would also be expected to demonstrate our equipment to doctors who are considering a purchase of the equipment for their own practices. We will train you and your staff how to use the equipment, position you as an expert in your area and show you how to demonstrate the equipment to other doctors and physicians. Call now to see if your area is open!

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Demo Site Program for BAX-3000
Allergy Relief Systems

Fifty million Americans report allergy problems, with millions of others suffering from food sensitivities and other ailments. People are desperate for effective allergy treatment without drugs or injections!

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Demo Site Program for Balance+Plus
Fall Assessment & VNG Systems

Balance+Plus VNG is the first portable Videonystagmography system with advanced technology that can accurately evaluate patients who suffer from dizziness, vertigo or other disorders.

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