We search the world to find cutting-edge medical equipment and services to help more doctors help more patients and make more money in the process.

We have spent the last 35 years working in the healthcare field as medical practitioners, marketing consultants and equipment distributors. We have found new and exciting breakthroughs that include decompression equipment that helps patients relieve back pain and avoid back surgery, allergy elimination devices that can change the lives of millions of allergy sufferers with no shots or medication and our most recent addition: Fall Assessment Programs that help patients who may be suffering from balance related issues.


If you want to help hundreds of your patients avoid needless pain and suffering from unnecessary fall-related injuries — AND — you want to find out how to increase your revenues with a program that: (a) helps patients; (b) is paid by all insurance companies (including Medicare); and (c) doesn’t take up much of your time...click on the box below titled: Fall Risk Assessment.

We have also created some of the most unique and compelling practice building marketing tools and programs available anywhere to help healthcare professionals grow their practices, make more money and increase their net profits. We don’t think “profit” is a dirty word. We believe that if you can provide your patients with something of significant value, you should be rewarded for your efforts.


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